February 2009 certainly got off to a busy start in my tea world!

Last Thursday we had our first Tea Appreciation course at Selby Gardens as part of the Sarasota County Adult Learning Education Program.  From the second floor of the Payne Mansion with a wonderful view of Sarasota Bay, with the sun dazzling on the water and shining on the Ringling Bridge.

Does this sound amazing?  It was!
The picture perfect tea morning, bright and sunny but on the cool side for us wimps in Florida.
I had 16 lovely ladies attend. (Come on you tea loving guys, there must be some of you out there!)  During our 90 minutes together we tasted 6 different teas; 2 black, 2 green and 2 herbals.  We discussed origin, processing, preparation and health benefits of each tea. There was time for lots of questions and some lively discussion about brewing the perfect cuppa.
I must not forget to thank my excellent cha walla Michael, who served the tea in true airline stewardess fashion!  In Indian families ‘cha walla’  is used as a term of endearment to encourage a fellow member of the family to make the tea.   Also a term used in the film “Slumdog Millionaire”  for the hero Jamil Malik but not with the same endearment!

The ladies, as ladies are wont to do then proceeded to our Tasting Room to sample 3 more teas.

During the afternoon we had 3 more ladies attend and had an “unplugged version” of the same class. Very up close and personal but just as much fun. A brilliant start to the month.

Watch this space, we are planning more Tea Appreciation and other Tea associated classes in the coming months and it would be great to have you join us.


The Tea Lady