What is the most wonderful thing for people like myself who follow the Way of Tea? The “oneness” of host and guest created through meeting heart to heart and sharing a bowl of tea.

Soshitsu Sen, Japanese of Tea

What is the most wonderful thing for a tea enthisiast like myself? Gathering a group of like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm and passion for continued learning of all subjects relating to TEA!

Our first Tea Class of 2012 showcased 6 teas from Local Coffee + Tea, in the serene setting of Selby Gardens.  The group explored each tea using all our senses; sight, scent, touch and taste, examining both the dry leaves as well as the tea leaves after steeping.

Dry leaves - Pear Mu Tan white tea

Dry leaves - Pear Mu Tan white tea

Each tea came from a different growing region of the world, and after a discussion about the origin and processing, we covered the correct way to brew a proper cuppa.  We end with a review of the many health benefits for each tea.

Here are the teas that we ‘sniffed’ and ‘sipped’ from Local Coffee + TeaPear Mu Tan, Festivi-Tea, Strawbango Black, Cochin Masala Chai, Chocolate Honeybush and Selby Select Rooibos.

You may be familiar with many of these teas from earlier posts…

Tea Class at Selby Gardens

Tea Class at Selby Gardens

If you missed this class, then do not despair! The next two classes are set for March 16th and April 10th.  Register online and learn more here.

Class starts at 10am and is a wonderful activity for a friend or spouse.  Be ready for  a hands-on experience, and bring your questions.

Hope you will be my guest next time and join me to ‘sip a bowl of tea’ and have a ‘heart to heart’ about this amazing beverage we all love so much- TEA.


The TeaLady


Saturday morning at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market allowed us to introduce one of our new holiday teas, Festivi-Tea, with more to come in the next few weeks.  We also served our Organic Honeybush hot or iced and the crowd favorite Selby Select.

Our Cyber Monday deal goes all week as we offer all three of these market teas at a discount for the rest of November from our online shop.  All orders over $40 ship FREE.

We created Festivi-Tea last year to celebrate Lights in Bloom, the annual holiday tropical light show at Selby Gardens.  Back by popular demand, Festivi-Tea green tea will be featured during Lights in Bloom starting December 16th.  We hope to see you at Selby.

Our photo this week features ‘Team Bowman’ visiting our tea tent to visit our very own Tea Queen (or Tea Teen) Caroline.  See the entire album at our Facebook page, Local Coffee + Tea – Tea Journey.

Sip Locally

Team Bowman

Steamy morning at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and we had plenty of iced tea to keep people refreshed including this little guy.

We start them young

We sampled our Nilgiri black tea, our Sakura Rose green tea and our Van Wezel Anniversa-Tea rooibos.  The big favorite was the Van Wezel with black and red currants, created to celebrate the performing art hall by the bay and one of our local treasures.

Again, our Market Manager Phil Pagano begged me to take his picture, this time swapping hats with Tim Brown of Brown’s Grove.  See our Facebook page for the entire album of pictures.  And please subscribe to this blog by adding your email address on the top of the column to your right.

Phil swaps hats with Tim Brown

Again, this week we offer our 3 market teas at $1 off from our online shop this week for those not able to join us on Saturday…packets of Nilgiri black tea, Sakura Rose green tea and our Van Wezel rooibos ship at no charge if your order is over $40.

Sip Locally!



Whenever we sample Selby Select at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market it is a good day.  Selby Select is our best selling tea and was created to celebrate Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Orange peel and trace yogurt blended with rooibos, Selby Select is a bit of sunshine in your cup.  Caffeine free sunshine!

We also sampled iced Earl Grey and a green tea from Kenya, Kosabei Plantation FAIR TRADE.  We posted Who is Earl Grey? earlier this week and here is a link to a earlier post about rooibos.   This week we will offer $1 off packet of all three teas; Selby Select, Earl Grey and Kosabei Plantation FAIR TRADE green tea for online purchases.  And all orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Papa Peperonata, Adrian with his son Nico.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Papa Peperonata and Nico

We are off next Saturday so see you in September.  Sip Locally.



Our Tea.WIZ was a big hit at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  Subtly sweet, with a touch of tartness, kids love it and Tea.WIZ is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer morning.  We created this fruit and herb tisane for G.WIZ – The Science Museum and it is fast becoming one of our best sellers.

We also sampled our Bertha Palmer rooibos, and our Orange Blossom Oolong.  Here are a links to earlier posts about these wonderful teas; Oooolongs, Tea.WIZ and Bertha Palmer.  For those not able to join us at the market, we are offering $1 off each packet for online purchases of Tea.WIZ, Bertha Palmer and Orange Blossom Oolong this week.  All orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Kalee from Wet Noses with a cuppa Tea.WIZ.  She did share with her sister Ava and enjoyed a few refills.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.


See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.



Three great teas at the Local Coffee + Tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday and lotsa great pictures.  The best seller was our Flowering Pomegranate green tea, though our Red Berries (caffeine free) herbal tisane cooled a lot of people down this morning.  For those not able to join us at the market, we are offering $1 off each packet for online purchases of Flowering Pomegranate, Red Berries and Mable’s Rose Rooibos this week.  All orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day has to be Glynis and her three tea tasting sweeties.  They are all tea lovers and one may become a tea master one day. See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Tea lovers in a line

Also, today was the market debut of one of our tea queens!  Carol was smiling and sampling this morning, and so it won’t be long before our Goji Green (Carol’s favorite) ends up on the Saturday menu.  And a great concert by the Fatum Brothers Jazz Orchestra of New York entertained a huge crowd with Jimi Gee warming up in the early hours.  Another great event by Market Manager Phil Pagano and a cast of many.

Here are links to earlier posts about Red Berries, and Rooibos in general.

See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.



A hot morning at the Local Coffee + Tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, we went through a lot of samples and sold lotsa cups of tea.  We sampled our Pinhead Gunpowder green tea, Black Rose and our new SereniTea.  This new rooibos, SereniTea with raspberry, rose petals and vanilla was hugely popular and was created for the Cancer Support Community.  Here are links to previous blog posts on SereniTea and Rooibos.

For those not able to join us at the market, we are going to again offer a promotion on our market teas this week for online purchases. Our Pinhead Gunpowder, Black Rose and SereniTea will be $1 off until next Saturday. And all online orders over $40 always ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Peter Acker with Winston at heel celebrating his cover shot for Edible Sarasota.

Peter Acker & Winston

Visit our Facebook page to see the Tea Tent album with other pictures from the Market.

See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.