I am very excited to introduce the latest creation from Local Coffee + Tea, and a very special tea we created for the Junior League of Sarasota called ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’.  With this tea we celebrate the 2nd Annual Simply Sarasota Kitchen and Garden Festival April 13th through 15th.  The Kitchen and Garden Festival offers a variety of events including a Kitchen Tour, a Marketplace, a Celebrity Luncheon with the Royal Chef Darren McGrady, a Gourmet Beer Dinner and a Garden Tea Party featuring ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’.  Also part of the festivities is a tea class I will be teaching on both Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.  More details can be found from the Junior League of Sarasota web site.

The Junior League of Sarasota does so many wonderful projects for our community and at least $2 of every packet sold will go to the Junior League, so I thank you in advance for your support.

Simply Sarasota Tea

Now let me tell you a bit more about ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’, a caffeine free and sugar free blend of fruits and herbs such as strawberry, orange peel, apple, hibiscus petals and calendula.  Simply Sarasota Tea’ is excellent both hot or iced, and as we like to say about many of the teas from Local Coffee + Tea, puts a little bit of Sarasota in your cuppa.

This is the perfect time of year for this tisane, as one of the main flavors is Strawberry!  The abundance of this very Florida berry (Fragaria ananassa) is such a joy to see at the Sarasota Farmers Market where the tables are laden with punnets and the fragrance tantalizes us!  We celebrate the great strawberry flavor in this tea along with our very popular green tea, Strawberry Smile.

Another Florida favorite and a prodominant feature in ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’ is the flavor of Citrus limon or lemon. The lemon is world famous for its culinary uses and certainly adds character to this tea.

Apple (Malus domestica) is found in many of our fruit teas but we make no excuse as the fruit adds such great flavor and benefits. Containing anti-oxidants, flavonoids and pectin, a natural fiber of which apples are the richest source, and has recently been shown to act against bad cholesterol, decrease the chances of colon cancer and reduce high blood pressure. Quercetin, is also found in apples (and Black tea!), and belongs to a group of plant pigment flavonoids that help fight disease.

Another Florida fruit included in ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’ is Orange Citrus Peel. The peel of citrus fruit is bitter and not very appetizing when raw, though adds great taste and health benefits when dried and added to tea. Citrus peel contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and powerful antioxidants that belong to a group of plant chemicals called flavonoids, which have the potential to lower LDLcholesterol levels.

Hibiscus Flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a member of the mallow family and it brings a sweet mellow taste, harmony and wonderful color from the infused sepals. It has a cooling effect on the body and is high in Vitamin C also having some calcium, niacin, riboflavin and iron. In Folklore medicine Hibiscus is said to reduce cholesterol and act as a mild diuretic. We know Dr Oz is a big fan of Hibiscus, so it has to be good. Right?  We offer hibiscus petals and love to blend them with our ginger root, but that is another post.

We have another amazing fruit, the Rosehip peel (Rosa canina) from the Wild Dog Rose which takes its name from its earliest use as a remedy for bites from ‘mad’ or ‘wild’ dogs. Rosehips are reddish colored coverings that grow around the real fruits for protection and for this reason they are often called “false fruits”. The nutrient value is as rich as their color and they enhance the function of everything from your skin to your innermost being, containing an array of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

2nd Annual Simply Sarasota Kitchen & Garden Festival

Lastly we have the flower Calendula officinalis or pot marigold included in ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’. The petals of ‘Pot Marigold’ will raise your spirit and cheer your heart adding splendid golden color to this caffeine free fruit blend.

I suspect the most popular way to serve this tea will be iced, and while I am not a fan of adding sugar to any teas, I must tell you a pinch certainly boosts the exotic flavor!  Like our Tea Wiz and Mote Beach Tea, ‘Simply Sarasota Tea’ will certainly raise your spirit but most importantly cool you and quench your thirst before, during and long after the 2nd Annual Kitchen and Garden Festival presented by the Junior League of Sarasota.


the TeaLady


Lots of people at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday and most of you found us next to the Java Dawg Coffee Bus.  We like this spot because Java Dawg carries 6 of our teas available steaming hot, as well as our SRQ Collection of Coffees.  And Glynis returned after a few weeks in the UK, part of her ‘Tea Travels’.

Three great teas this week, our Red Hat Rooibos, Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling black tea and our Peach Paradise.  Local Coffee + Tea also brews Mote Beach Tea for Maggie’s Seafood every week for you to enjoy with one of Chef Doug’s creations.

Our Mote Beach Tea at Maggie's Seafood

Again, this week we offer $1 off packets of Red Hat Rooibos, Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling and Peach Paradise when purchased from our online shop.  And all orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Our picture of the day is a group of ladies, including Rebecca Morgan one of the Daughters of the American Revolution having fun at the market.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Sip Locally!


Whenever we sample Selby Select at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market it is a good day.  Selby Select is our best selling tea and was created to celebrate Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  Orange peel and trace yogurt blended with rooibos, Selby Select is a bit of sunshine in your cup.  Caffeine free sunshine!

We also sampled iced Earl Grey and a green tea from Kenya, Kosabei Plantation FAIR TRADE.  We posted Who is Earl Grey? earlier this week and here is a link to a earlier post about rooibos.   This week we will offer $1 off packet of all three teas; Selby Select, Earl Grey and Kosabei Plantation FAIR TRADE green tea for online purchases.  And all orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Papa Peperonata, Adrian with his son Nico.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Papa Peperonata and Nico

We are off next Saturday so see you in September.  Sip Locally.



Our Tea.WIZ was a big hit at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  Subtly sweet, with a touch of tartness, kids love it and Tea.WIZ is incredibly refreshing on a hot summer morning.  We created this fruit and herb tisane for G.WIZ – The Science Museum and it is fast becoming one of our best sellers.

We also sampled our Bertha Palmer rooibos, and our Orange Blossom Oolong.  Here are a links to earlier posts about these wonderful teas; Oooolongs, Tea.WIZ and Bertha Palmer.  For those not able to join us at the market, we are offering $1 off each packet for online purchases of Tea.WIZ, Bertha Palmer and Orange Blossom Oolong this week.  All orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Kalee from Wet Noses with a cuppa Tea.WIZ.  She did share with her sister Ava and enjoyed a few refills.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.


See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.



Three great teas at the Local Coffee + Tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday and lotsa great pictures.  The best seller was our Flowering Pomegranate green tea, though our Red Berries (caffeine free) herbal tisane cooled a lot of people down this morning.  For those not able to join us at the market, we are offering $1 off each packet for online purchases of Flowering Pomegranate, Red Berries and Mable’s Rose Rooibos this week.  All orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day has to be Glynis and her three tea tasting sweeties.  They are all tea lovers and one may become a tea master one day. See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Tea lovers in a line

Also, today was the market debut of one of our tea queens!  Carol was smiling and sampling this morning, and so it won’t be long before our Goji Green (Carol’s favorite) ends up on the Saturday menu.  And a great concert by the Fatum Brothers Jazz Orchestra of New York entertained a huge crowd with Jimi Gee warming up in the early hours.  Another great event by Market Manager Phil Pagano and a cast of many.

Here are links to earlier posts about Red Berries, and Rooibos in general.

See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.



A hot morning at the Local Coffee + Tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market, we went through a lot of samples and sold lotsa cups of tea.  We sampled our Pinhead Gunpowder green tea, Black Rose and our new SereniTea.  This new rooibos, SereniTea with raspberry, rose petals and vanilla was hugely popular and was created for the Cancer Support Community.  Here are links to previous blog posts on SereniTea and Rooibos.

For those not able to join us at the market, we are going to again offer a promotion on our market teas this week for online purchases. Our Pinhead Gunpowder, Black Rose and SereniTea will be $1 off until next Saturday. And all online orders over $40 always ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is Peter Acker with Winston at heel celebrating his cover shot for Edible Sarasota.

Peter Acker & Winston

Visit our Facebook page to see the Tea Tent album with other pictures from the Market.

See you next Saturday and Sip Locally.



We have created a new tea for the Cancer Support Community called SereniTea.  This tea has a special place in our hearts because of the good work done by this important charity.  Consider “Tea Leaves, Hope Stays” and I will to tell you more about the Cancer Support Community, but first SereniTea.

Caffeine free and sugar free, SereniTea is a red rooibos blended with raspberries, rosepetals and hints of vanilla.  SereniTea is a peaceful, calming tea and is delicious hot or iced.  High in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, SereniTea is excellent for your skin and can be very helpful with collicky babies.  Sprinkle a bit in your bath water to keep you skin feeling smooth.

Local Coffee + Tea will be sampling SereniTea at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market this weekend (July 30th) as part of the launch, and then in regular rotation at the Carriage House Tea Room at Selby Gardens and at our shop in Siesta Key Village.  Each packet is $10 for 2oz, enough to make 25 cups of tea, and more when you re-steep this flavorful blend.  We hope you love this tea as much as we do.

Cancer Support Community

The Cancer Support Community provides hope, education and support to people with cancer and their loved ones.  At least 20% of all revenue generated from sales of SereniTea will be donated back the Cancer Support Community by Local Coffee + Tea.  Enjoy this tea and please learn more about this very special national charity at www.cancersupportsuncoast.org.

The Florida Suncoast chapter is located in Lakewood Ranch at 5481 Communications Parkway.  The campus is gorgeous and the building is a certified LEED designed by Carlson Studio Architecture referred to as ‘Building Hope’  The setting is idyllic and offers numerous programs and learning opportunities for people facing the uncertainty of cancer.

And the Dance 2 Live, or D2L is a very unique fundraising program created by the Cancer Support Community designed to engage people in learning about the programs available while tapping your toes or breakin’ it out.  Learn more here.

Dance 2 Live

Enjoy this very special, very serene beverage, SereniTea and thank you for helping us support the Cancer Support Community.