This blog is one part of our tea journey at Local Tea Company.

We offer remarkable tea experiences for those who want a better solution for their beverages, well being, and/or life balance.

We educate and advocate the true taste and complexity of quality loose leaf teas.

Local Coffee + Tea creates a space in busy lives for an appreciation of the finer things in life, through tea, minus the extravagant costs or pretentiousness.

Local Coffee + Tea operates a cafe in the Selby House and a tea tasting room in the Carriage House both at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  There is a shop in Siesta Key Village and every Saturday you can find our tea tent at the Sarasota Downtown Farmer’s market.  We also have a website at

At all of our Sarasota locations we offer great teas and tisanes, as well as an assortment of tea toys to match the unique personalities of each visitor.    And so the tea journey begins for someone new.


2 Responses to “About Local Coffee + Tea”

  1. ila sue stone Says:

    Where can I purchase the Bertha Palmer Centinnial Tea? I bought a paackage at the DARtea last week, but need more. Help!!!359-1450!!!

    1. teaLady Says:

      hi Sue…Glad you liked the tea. You can purchase Bertha Palmer Centennial Tea at any of our shops (Siesta Key, Selby Gardens or at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning) or you can purchase online at And through the end of June we are offering $1 off all Bertha Palmer Tea purchases online. Enjoy.

      Also, we are working on a tea for the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and should be ready for your fall meeting. Cheers

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