September 2011

When the world is at odds,

And the mind is at sea,

Then cease the useless tedium,

And brew a cup of tea.


There is magic in it’s fragrance,

There is solace in it’s taste;

And the laden moments vanish,

Somehow into space.


And the world becomes a lovely thing!

There’s beauty as you see;

All because you briefly stopped,

To brew a cup of tea.

                                              -Author unknown

No need to add any further sentiments to this ode. The words so sweetly sum up the importance of taking time for tea!


the TeaLady


Steamy morning at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and we had plenty of iced tea to keep people refreshed including this little guy.

We start them young

We sampled our Nilgiri black tea, our Sakura Rose green tea and our Van Wezel Anniversa-Tea rooibos.  The big favorite was the Van Wezel with black and red currants, created to celebrate the performing art hall by the bay and one of our local treasures.

Again, our Market Manager Phil Pagano begged me to take his picture, this time swapping hats with Tim Brown of Brown’s Grove.  See our Facebook page for the entire album of pictures.  And please subscribe to this blog by adding your email address on the top of the column to your right.

Phil swaps hats with Tim Brown

Again, this week we offer our 3 market teas at $1 off from our online shop this week for those not able to join us on Saturday…packets of Nilgiri black tea, Sakura Rose green tea and our Van Wezel rooibos ship at no charge if your order is over $40.

Sip Locally!


Grahame and I have just come back from England and drinking lots of TEA was certainly on the agenda, in part due to the inclement weather we had for the whole 2 weeks! So it was ‘Oh well let’s go have another cuppa’.

Our first tea outing was planned ahead and it was actually a sunny afternoon when we arrived in the city of ELY.(SE England)  Laura had reserved a table at Peacocks Tea Room and it was just delightful.  The afternoon tea was excellent, consisting of 3 different sandwiches, scones with your choice of jam, followed by a cake of your choice.  I managed to eat the sandwiches and scone but had to take my cake home, there was simply too much to finish.  This was all washed down with copious amounts of tea (we all chose different ones!) served in individual teapots.

During afternoon tea (an earlier post explains the difference between high tea) we had a debate about the best way to eat scones.  If you were following correct etiquette then you would place your clotted cream and jam on the side of your plate, select your scone, slice in half and break into a bite sized piece.  One would then apply cream and jam (or lemon curd from a blog post from the Spring) as each piece was eaten, taking sips of tea in between.

However, I am not talking correct etiquette here.  In Yorkshire (a post bit about my hometown Harrogate) we don’t mess about with bite sized pieces!  Our debate was ‘Do you put jam on first before cream or cream on first before jam’.

I have always put jam on first and never really thought about changing the habit of a lifetime of scone eating, but it totally changed the taste experience and I loved it.  Grahame really enjoyed too!  Let us know which way you like your scone.  Please post on our Facebook page.

Thanks to Laura for finding this gem of a tearoom and thanks to Peacocks for the delicious afternoon tea.

How do you like your scones? Jam or cream 1st?

This holiday was our second of the summer, we visited northern Michigan in the Spring and here is a link to my earlier post.


the TeaLady


Many people had tea on their minds at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday, including these two from Ohio.  HAHAHAHA

Tea on their Minds

Three spectacular teas this week, our Strawberry Smile, Mable’s Rose Rooibos and our soon-to-be World Famous Tea. WIZ.  Most people found it impossible NOT to smile after a sippa our Strawberry Smile.  And Tea. WIZ, also made people smile, because it is such a refreshing blend of mango and pineapple.  Our Mote Beach tea is also making people happy at Maggie’s Fish stand, along with Doug’s seafood creations

Once again, we found our Market Manager Phil, swapping hats with head Keesecker and top coffee dawg, Chris of Java Dawg Coffee.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.  And please subscribe to this blog by adding your email address on the top of the column to your right.

Phil and Chris swap hats

Again, this week we offer our 3 market teas at $1 off from our online shop this week for those not able to join us on Saturday…packets of Strawberry Smile, Mable’s Rose Rooibos and Tea.WIZ ship at no charge if your order is over $40.

Sip Locally!



Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a small tree native to the subtropical Atlantic forests of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. This evergreen member of the holly family was introduced to modern civilizations by the indigenous Guarani of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.  An infusion, brewed from the dried leaves and stems of the tree, is consumed by millions of South Americans as a healthful alternative to coffee.

What does the tea taste like?  Well yerba mate lives up to its name ‘cup herb’, it is very herby or vegetal/grassy but can be very agreeable if made correctly!  Water must NOT be boiling as this can cause bitterness.  Steaming hot is quite sufficient.  This is what Michael drinks most Saturday mornings at the Local Coffee + Tea tent at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market in his Travel Mug.

Yerba Mate Tree

Our Travel Mugswork great, but the traditional way to drink the infusion is from a hollowed out gourd through a straw called a ‘bombilla’.  The ritual is a common social practice shared with friends and carries a set of rules too.  Usually one person, the host will prepare and refill the drink. The gourd is passed around often in a clockwise circle and re brewed many times. You will say ‘gracias’ and return the gourd to your host only when you have had sufficient! I talk to many visitors who have enjoyed this experience when traveling in South America.

Yerba Mate in Gourd with Bombilla

I am a fan of our Roasted Mate.  As the name suggests when preparing the herb it is toasted as part of the drying process, imparting a slight roasted taste.  The leaf is dark and tastes almost coffee-like, and is a good choice if you are trying to ‘kick’ the coffee habit!

Michael prefers our Sweet Orange Mate which is a blend of green and roasted mate along with some citrus and licorice which tends to soften the ‘herbieness’ a little. Either way, you will receive a surge of energy and mental clarity which really gets you on the right track and sets you up for the day!

Like most teas, Yerba Mate is surrounded by legends.  First discovered centuries ago by the indigenous people in South America, Yerba Mate has become revered as the ‘drink of the gods’ because people survived drought and famine drinking this tea.  It is said to enhance health, vitality, and longevity and is now becoming an alternative to coffee in many other areas of the world too. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, high antioxidant levels and naturally occurring caffeine, yerba mate is a very well balanced stimulant!

Mate has some amazing qualities which make it a whole body tonic. The stimulation comes to us via 3 components called Xanthine Alkaloids: – Caffeine, Theophylline and Theobromine (found in chocolate!)  This mighty combination along with minerals to support the nervous system and B vitamins to relax the muscles produce a balanced and long lasting physical and mental stimulation!

You may find comments about Yerba Mate having ‘more anti oxidants than green tea’ so lets just say Mate contains ‘abundant anti oxidants’  and is low in tannins, so can be brewed very strong without any bitterness which also makes it easier on the stomach.  Along with a massive burst of energy, Mate will curb your appetite, raise your metabolism and burn calories i.e. loose weight.  Sounds easy if all you have to do is drink Yerba Mate.

As with all teas you can change the experience to suit you.  Brew your favorite way, whether in your favorite tea pot or a Travel Mug or a Tea Maker or a T sac.  Give it a try and let us know what you experience. Gracias.


the TeaLady


Lots of people at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday and most of you found us next to the Java Dawg Coffee Bus.  We like this spot because Java Dawg carries 6 of our teas available steaming hot, as well as our SRQ Collection of Coffees.  And Glynis returned after a few weeks in the UK, part of her ‘Tea Travels’.

Three great teas this week, our Red Hat Rooibos, Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling black tea and our Peach Paradise.  Local Coffee + Tea also brews Mote Beach Tea for Maggie’s Seafood every week for you to enjoy with one of Chef Doug’s creations.

Our Mote Beach Tea at Maggie's Seafood

Again, this week we offer $1 off packets of Red Hat Rooibos, Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling and Peach Paradise when purchased from our online shop.  And all orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Our picture of the day is a group of ladies, including Rebecca Morgan one of the Daughters of the American Revolution having fun at the market.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.

Sip Locally!



We were back the the Sarasota Farmer’s Market on Saturday after a week away.  The morning was blissfully cool, perhaps a nod to autumn as we start the new month.

Local Coffee + Tea offered three wonderful teas for sampling.  Our Yorkshire Harrogate is a great black tea favored by our vacationing Glynis Chapman, our Goji Green is one of our most popular green teas and Pioneer Tea is a unique grapefruit and eucalyptus herbal that is hard to forget and easy to drink.  We created Pioneer Tea to celebrate Historical Spanish Point, and here is an earlier blog post about this special tea.

This week we offer $1 off packets of Yorkshire Harrogate, Goji Green and Pioneer Tea purchased from our online shop.  And all orders over $40 ship at no charge.

Picture of the day is a young tea drinker who finished every cup we offered.  See our Facebook page for the entire album.

A good little tea taster

Papa Peperonata and Nico

Sip Locally.