This may seem like an unabashed product promotion, and perhaps Local Coffee + Tea is interested in selling a few tea accesssories, but our recent post on cold brewing loose leaf tea generated responses concerning tea-on-the-go as well as many mentions of travel mugs. First and foremost, the term seems off. Any old cup with a lid can be called a travel mug.  What we are really talking about is traveling with tea, or better yet, making tea as we travel.

We live in a busy world with many people always rushing around and few taking time to savor the moment. For those trying hard to master a slower lifestyle, though not quite there yet, may consider taking loose leaf tea with you to be more mindful.  Two very strong options are available.  Both have three compartments, a leak-proof lid, a middle chamber with a mesh filter and a large vessel to hold the tea.

A glass and poly traveling tea maker from Libre

This Glass and Poly Traveling Tea Maker is simple, elegant and the perfect tool for brewing tea or tisanes to take in the car, to the office, the gym or wherever you have to travel. Local Coffee + Tea is proud to be the only retail outlet for this product in Florida.

The durable shell is poly-carbonate and the inner chamber is glass.  A stainless steel/BPA-free grade poly carbonate filter through which you can sip.  The glass chamber will keep your tea hot but the outside remains cool to touch.  Tea can be brewed in the chamber and sipped through the filter or when using tea with a limited steeping time place the tea in the filter area and turn over to infuse. When ready to drink, remove both filter and lid together.  The glass holds 260ml.

For those who are looking for a travel mug that will withstand some heavy treatment, then we also have a BPA free, poly carbonate model. This has a stainless steel sieve which can be used both ways to contain or strain. I can certainly vouch for the toughness of this model as mine traveled to Europe and back, frequently gets knocked on the ground during windy mornings at market, has been dropped on the terrazzo floor at Selby Gardens and still functions perfectly!

Travel Mug from Teas Etc.

We want you to make time for tea, and if that proves difficult, then take tea with you.
the TeaLady