August 2009

We are a bit humbled here at Local Coffee + Tea. We think our Selby Select is the best rooibos ever. And we were thrilled to submit our baby for review at

And now the results are in, a review by Laura giving us a 7.5/10. See full review here. We were hoping for a perfect 10, but Laura makes really good points about our rooibos tea, Local Tea Company and our Sip Locally motto. She is very serious about reviewing tea and we can only respect her opinion. Thanks Laura!!

Please read, comment and share with others.
The tealady


I have been puzzling this one for some time!

Why do some tea texts refer to Oxidation and others to Fermentation?
I found an exceptional description of this process on Wikipedia, the link for this tea lovers article is here. The processing chart for the different teas is brilliant.

Here you go…
OXIDATION is a process where the chlorophyll in the tea leaves are enzymatically broken down and its tannins released or transformed. Referred to as FERMENTATION in the tea industry, though no true fermentation happens since this oxidative process does not generate energy or is not driven by micro-organisms; in other steps of tea processing–aging for example–microorganisms might be used to actually carry out fermentation.

The tea producer chooses when the oxidation should be stopped. For light oolong teas this may be anywhere from 5-40% oxidation, in darker oolong teas 60-70%, and in black teas 100% oxidation.

FERMENTATION (tea). The term used for the aerobic treatment of tea leaves to break down certain unwanted chemicals and modify others to develop the flavor of the tea.

I am not sure if this clarified anything, I guess it all boils down to the same thing…Keep Sipping.
the Tea Lady

Summer is here!
In case you have not visited us at the Sarasota downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, we have had some stunning teas available.

White Mischief – a beautiful China tea which is flavored with Guava,
Cochin Masala Chai – a very traditional, authentic chai which has superb iced,

Selby Select – another bush tea honoring Selby Gardens with juicy orange peel and a creamy finish ($1 off in August at our online shop),
Organic Strawberry Smile – strawberry, lychee, rosehips and jasmine blended to perfectino with a sencha style green tea. (also $1 off in August at our online shop)

Every week we brew three teas and make them available for samples or for sale iced to beat the heat as you shop locally.

If you are making iced tea using our premium loose leaf teas or any other tea for that matter, do not be alarmed if your tea goes cloudy. This is a natural occurrence due to the high flavanoid/polyphenol levels in the tea. It will still taste delicious!

Happy sipping and don’t forget to ‘sip locally’.
the tea lady

We have been submitting our teas to a few web sites that review teas. Basically a panel of tea enthusiasts brews, tastes and reviews teas, and then post comments and opinions.

At Local Tea Company we are confident that our teas are great quality and have exceptional taste but it is always good to hear what your peers have to say, right? This is what they do, taste A LOT of tea.

We were a bit reluctant, uncertain just how we might compare to teas from the industry giants or the specialty tea companies. Well, we are happy to report here that Local Tea Company is holding our own, and even impressing some folks.

We were very excited to hear the comments and of course would like to share them with you. Not that we are bragging you understand but if you have not experienced these teas, check out what they are saying and please feel free to chime in with your own thoughts

Goji Green – “One of the best green teas in the world”  Buy Goji Green

Organic Strawberry Smile…”The aroma of the leaves is also extremely strong and juicy, making your mouth water before you even taste the tea! The perfect drink on a summer’s day!”  Buy Organic Strawberry Smile

Chocolate Honeybush…”My roommate who isn’t a tea drinker even commented on how good it smelled”  Buy Chocolate Honeybush

Sweet Orange Mate… “nice, mellow mate base, which leaves a slightly smoky note in the fragrance and taste”  Buy Sweet Orange Mate

Selby Select…”The aroma of the dried leaves is extremely strong and smells just like freshly squeezed orange juice!”  Buy Selby Select

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this moment of glory.
Congratulations to us!!!

We have submitted other teas and will continue to keep you posted. If you need more information, please visit our website or send an e-mail to talk tea.
The Tea Lady