July 2009

Local Tea Company is underwriting the Good Evening Cabal show on Sarasota’s community radio WSLR on Wednesday from 9pm-11pm. The host Curt Werner plays music from the late 60s and early 70s and we expect him to play a bit of our favorite band, Ming Tea.

Yes, Austin Powers is the lead singer.
Yes, they killed with BBC and followed up with Daddy Wasn’t There. Check them both out and laugh.

What does this have to do with tea?
Nothing, just very funny lyrics.

What does this have to do with local?
WSLR is a local treasure and we love supporting this station. Curt and his wife Gail are active in the local art community. Gail is the curator of our shop on Siesta Key, selecting the local artist we display at the shop.

Tune in on Wednesday night and support your local radio. Another way you can Sip Locally.

We are Moving.
This is often times a sign that is not a welcome one, but in our case it brings great news!  We are not only moving, but moving to larger premises!!
Within the next month we move our tea tasting room at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens from within the Christy Payne Mansion to the Carriage House, previously known as Wild Things.
The poisonous dart frogs have found a new home and we have embarked on a cleaning and decorating spree.  We will be refurbishing and transforming our new location into a premium home befitting our premium loose teas!
How exciting!!!
The Payne Mansion allowed us to grow so much within the beautiful environs.  We will miss the mansion so much (especially the bathroom!!) but can not wait for all the new and exciting tea things we have planned.
You will hear more about our tea activities at Selby Gardens along with a few pictures.
the Tea Lady

The past month in the tasting room at Selby Gardens we have had many European visitors, especially British. When they hear me speak we inevitably talk about where we are from and the type of tea we drink.

The choices being PG Tips, Typhoo, Yorkshire, Twinning’s etc. basically all the well known tea bags available. There was also a gentleman who mentioned Brooke Bond which was a real blast from the past! He was married to an American, and lives in Sarasota.  His wife sourced the tea for him and he was very pleased.

Anyway, the name Brooke Bond took me on a journey back to the small village in the Yorkshire Dales where I was born and raised.  Our little grocery shop, run by Mrs. Gosney had a large metal sign displayed outside in black and red advertising Brooke Bond! Mum sent me to buy tea and I remember Mrs. Gosney using an old fashioned scale with real weights and putting the weighed tea in a brown bag. When I got home mum would transfer the tea to our caddy (which I think was a tin that had once stored candy, probably Liquorices’ Allsorts) I can remember inhaling the most wonderful smell of fresh tea in the caddy. I was touched thinking about how we continue such practices, as I use such a caddy even now!

So where did the name caddy come from?  During the early British trading days in Asia, a language called “pidgin English” was created to facilitate commerce. Composed of English, Portuguese and Indian words pronounced in Chinese, “Pidgin” is actually the word which was used for “do business”.  The term “caddy” is from the Chinese word for one pound, which was the standard size for a tea container.

We meet such nice people when talk tea.  Great stories and legends are exchanged, and memories evoked when we talk about this amazing drink called TEA.

Looking for a fabulous iced tea drink for the 4th of July? I have one to share concocted from our hibiscus petals, botanical name sadariffa.

I had some hibiscus tea in the refrigerator and whilst I love this tea on its own I cannot drink that much of it. (and for those of you who don’t know me, I am a tea drinker!)

With the summer heat, I thought hibiscus would help keep me cool and give me all the other goodies Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Riboflavin, and antioxidant Anthocyanin. Hibiscus really is a good package of benefits.

I also drink a lot of Seltzer water, so here is what I did. Filled my glass half full with Hibiscus tea, some ice and topped off with Seltzer. A twist of lime is good too. There you have HIBISCUS SPRITZER!

What a beautiful drink, so refreshing and I can drink lots more Hibiscus this way.  If you want to go all out use a martini glass, it looks brilliant.

Sip on a healthy, vibrant, non-alcoholic cocktail.
Cheers me dears.