Had a lovely week. Worked in the tasting room several days and enjoyed conversations with many visitors from the States and beyond, especially fellow Brits. Everyone is always interested in my story and how I come to be working with tea. What a great life, making conversation and drinking tea.
Talking of Brits I got to serve tea to the Iron Lady herself! (just in case you thought I was being serious, the lady was an actor) Margaret Thatcher was the theme at the afternoon tea which was to benefit the Women’s Resource Center. Our gracious hostess had a magnificent penthouse overlooking the bay and tea and food was served on a collection of exquisite china.
Iced Peach Paradise was set on the table in wine goblets (looked beautiful) When the ladies started eating sandwiches, our Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling was served and with desserts I served Goji Green tea. The tea was very well received. Why am I sounding so surprised, all of the loose leaf teas offered at Local Tea Company are delicious!
There followed some discussion about Margaret Thatcher’s time in office and how it would be if she were in office today. If I had been invited, I could have told a few home truths about my experiences during her ministry but I was there to talk tea so did my short presentation about tea and added a Thatcher quote…
“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done ask a woman.”
Sip Locally with your very own Tea Lady at the gardens.  Stay Cool.